Past Puppies from 2010
Divided into individual Litters
2010:Litter 1
Co-bred litter
2010:Litter 2
a single puppy but what a huge impact on our lives
2010:Litter 3
A repeat breeding of our most famous "BlueBerry" litter.

And again 4 out of 4 blue pups/ 3 of which were our famous blue; factored black carriers, that have the dark brown eyes and no self coloring, a.k.a. gunner blues.
This gene can not exhibit the blue gene alopecia and is known to be the best blue color to breed.
2010:Litter 5
Co-bred litter
2010:Litter 6
Trump's 2nd litter: Outcross breeding
2010:Litter 4
TRUMP'S First litter
2010:Litter 7
Belle's 1st litter: Outcross breeding