Past Puppies from 2011
Divided into individual Litters

@ 9wks
single puppy
single puppy
This photo really shows the color of her coat and nose. She is a dark blue/tan merle with Irish markings. Meaning genetically she is a blue/tan pup.Very brave, confident, and athleticHer headpiece is absolutely breathtaking!Her conformation/structure are correct. What a topline and tailset. You don't have to stack her to see she is built outstandinglShe learned to free bait at 8 weeks of age, and seems to have what it will take to be a show girlWe couldn't be more excited about this little girl. Charting to be a 4.5 to 5.0 pound adult
Female Merle at two weeksBlue/Tan on Blue Merle Irish marked femaleMerle coat pattern. Gun Metal Gray spots on light gray/blue base coat. Tan Markings with nice Bold Irish MrakingsAge 6 weeks8 Weeks old13 Weeks old
Red sable female at 2weeksRed Sable Female's profile of head at 2 weeks old2 weeks old and her happy, silly personality is already shinning through.6 weeks old and too cute for words, with a super soft thick abundant coat.Now this is our kind of SLEEPING BEAUTY!!! : )Photo taken during our "Mushroom's can make the puppy sick classes". This time of year our property has mushroom groves,. it is important to teach the youngsters Mushrooms are a "NO", before they run free on the property, some mushrooms are great for eating, some would make them very sick....
13 week old Profile of her head.She has an outstanding Cobby body. With beautiful movement already. Charting in the 4.5 to 5.0 pound range.Just look at her awesome little blunt muzzle. She has the nicest button nose, we are in love with her and her sister. They are just absolutely a dream coming true.... Learning how to free bait for the ring. This photo shows you just how cobby she really is.With her ears laid back you are able to see her outstanding dome and  her beautiful eye expression.BOLD AND BRAVE AT EVERY TURN!
2 female puppies
female #1.gun metal gray/tan merle with irish markings smooth coat
female #2. red sable long coat
2 puppies(1 female/1 male)
female: Black/Tan male: Red Sable
single female puppy
*in 2011 we decided we would start to share our Sired by litters with the public also*
Chocolate/Tan Irish Marked boy at 2 weeks, look how small he is in relation to my fingernail.Chocolate/Tan puppy. wow is he small...still fits in the palm of my hand without reaching my finger tips..... This puppy is Outstanding..Age 2 weeks, 
Big beautiful eyes, So big he has too squint to close them when he sleeps...Chocolate/Tan boy at 5 weeks. . He looks like Yoda in this photo..... He hugs me with his front legs all the time, he thinks I am his second Mother, because I bottle feed him. TOO CUTE! Even though he is an ULTRA TINY, he has great conformation. nice topline and tailset. Here he is again @ 5.5 weeks, and still the same size. He has a very pronounced stop. This comes from his Mama and His grandparents.
HELLO TORA CHAN! We would like to introduce you to our first Red Brindle, he has his new name and he is looking show quality with every passing day. He is even more handsome in person. We can not wait for his new mom to meet him!This is Tora Chan at 2 weeks. He has a perfect applehead, with a small blunt wide muzzle. And his eyes will make you melt when he looks at you. Picture perfect applehead for a 5 week old puppy. Charting to be a small little boy.Tora Chan, at 5weeks. WHAT BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSION IN HIS EYES!Beautiful Head Piece. Tora Chan 5 weeks
This little boy has it all at 2 weeks. Big Beautiful Dome, eye and ear set, and the looks of a very nice muzzle.Photographed here at 4 weeks of age and looking very typey.He is now 5 weeks old and he is absolutely stunning. You don't get heads like this everyday. He is the first to explore, fearless and always happy. He is a very strong show hopeful.Here with him sleeping on one of our chests, you can see just how deep his stop is. I can not imagine what his headpiece will look like as a mature male. Here is the entire litter at 5 weeks, All 4 as nice as the next. Salsa and her husband did a very good job indeed.
Black/Tan female at 2 weeks. We just love her. Nice high dome. Again age 2 weeks.SHE'S GOT THAT LOOK!It is hard to show on a photo just how deep the stop is, but this little one has water catchers. She is 5 weeks in the photo.Very Pleased here, with her ear, eye set, and width of her muzzle.She has a very big AppleHead. 5 weeks of age.
3 males/ 1 female
2 males/ 1 female
Hey, what is so funny? 2 week old photo. Look at all the rich pigment already.She loves people and Children. Extremely outgoing.7 Weeks and Free Stacking.on Slippery surface.8 week Stack.8 Week litter photo. Front to back. Female to Male #2 and in Back Male #1.
2 week old photo of rich dark pigment already.Male 1 at 6 weeks. 8 Week group photo, Sister, this male, and the Male we are Keeping and Co-owning.Male 1 Stacking at 10 weeks. Looking good!10 Look at this topline, tailset, and nice short back.... very nice for a male pup at such a young age.
Nessa's Male #2, at 4 weeks. OH WHAT A BOY.MALE 2 He is absolutely a show breeders dream, watch for him in the ring.... He will be in the BRED BY class. It was really hard to choose between the 2 boys. Male #2, at 7 weeks. Too Cute for words. He is even nicer in person than photos can capture.Practicing stacking at 8 weeksFree Stacking at 8 weeks
RHEMA Chihuahuas
Blackie's and Fireball's smooth girl at 5 weeks of age. Currently charting 2.5 pounds mature. Weighs 8 ounces at 4 wks.Smooth Female at  4 weeks of age. She is very tiny.Smooth female's head piece at 4 weeks of age.Have you ever started stacking practice on an 8 ounce puppy? It is kind of hard to know where to place fingers, without blocking the view of the puppy....  : )
Blackie's and Fireball's, long coat female at 5 weeks. She is very tiny only weighing in at 8 ounces at 4 weeks and she is already eating mush. She is charting to be 2.5 pounds mature.Long coat's front at 4 weeks.Long Coat's Head at 4 weeks.Practice Stacking at 4 weeks, Ok, nowhere to place fingers without destorying the photo, by blocking the puppy.... LOL , enjoy : )
2 females/ultra tinies
2 males/ 2 females
Just look at his 5 week profile. He is a show hopeful. For those of you looking for a show hopeful long coat male, with dark pigment and a showy personality, this is the boy to watch.He has an outstanding personality. He has the right personality for show.
Nice applehead, and a cute short muzzle. She is staying on the small side. And she just loves people.
5 weeks, outgoing and interested in everything new.Puppy Kisses : )
At 3 weeks she has a huge applehead, with a very nice dome, her head piece is looking showy.4 Week Front view of her Head. She looks very typey. We are monitoring her bite, we are thinking of letting her be available, as a PET ONLY. Her bite may not be suitable for show.