@ Mahkota's
Show Hopeful
for a junior handler
Two show girls, one in Europe, and one in the states... Watch for updates!!
Loving pet home:PA
Loving pet home:PA
Loving pet home:PA
Loving pet home
Went to Canada 
Went to Arizona
In Show Home
one female 
missing from 
photo gallery, computer crashed
will update from new owner
She was a Show girl...
Loving pet home:PA
Loving pet home:OH
Went to Missouri
Chic girl in Indiana
Here @ Mahkota's
Went to Europe
*Both Photos of same female~Went to Show Home/Arizona*
Went to Sunny

Hopeful went to Europe
Loving Pet Home:NJ
Hopeful in Ohio
Went to NC
Hopeful in Michigan
Loving Home in Long Island
Hopeful in Ohio

Past Puppies from 2008
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Loving pet home:PA
all grown up