Our goal of this page is to inform those interested, in Chihuahua related and sited health concerns. We will not define disorders here. This is to avoid lengthy and subjective interpretations of genetic and disease issues. We encourage self research and reading, through medical findings for an objective education on breed specific health concerns. It is our position that the reading of individual websites can be a source for false information and unintentional misinterpretation. We encourage sites, journals, and studies that are managed by medical professionals to find the definitions, causes, effects, risks, occurrence, and solutions. We will list some of these sites to get you started, and please remember to ask your vet or a vet familiar with the CHIHUAHUA BREED. It is important to know your breed, and even more important to know the breed concerns before you buy a Chihuahua from just anyone.

We find by reading medical findings, individuals are able to have an unfiltered understanding without false interpretation at risk. If you continue to have trouble understanding or finding information, you can consult with your veterinary doctor of choice.

***Remember all breeds have specific concerns to consider***
~note many disorders are interrelated~
Medical site for Breed specific disorders and genetic concerns
The above site is an excellent resource site for genetic information:medically directed

These are the Chihuahuas you WANT to buy
molera or fontanelle:see molera statement
weight range 2-6 pounds
hypoglycemia: occasionally under 6mos. old
reverse sneezing
long coat or smooth coat length
merle pattern
SP/SW pattern:spotted or excessive white
retained baby teeth
missing dentation up to 2 teeth
extended length of time between heat cycles
ALL Chihuahuas no matter color or pattern have health concerns to screen for and to consider
The 3 most common disorders are:

 patellar luxation, congenital cardiac abnormalities, and eye disorders

*** please note these are breed specific disorders, having NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MERLE GENE***
~this means in order to have a CHIC Chihuahua no matter what color or pattern you must complete 3 health screens~

A Patellar Luxation Screen
A Congenital Cardiac Screen
A CERF Eye Exam

*this means that non-merle lines as well as merle lines should be cerf'ing their Chihuahuas, as the eye disorders are NOT merle specific! If non-merle lines are not screening, you should be asking yourself and the breeder why not? All Chihuahuas are at risk for heritable eye disorders and diseases. NOT JUST MERLES. It is important to Know the facts, and not to read into anti-merle sediment. I respect both merle breeders and non-merle breeders, as I breed both pattern types, but I respect them a whole lot more if they are doing their required screens and health testing.

These disorders have been present since the beginning of the Chihuahua being studied or screened.
Many breeders do not turn their health screens in, so don't assume a breeder doesn't screen, submitting and staying current takes time, travel and repeated fees, but A QUALITY BREEDER will be able to show proof of the screens completed on each dog they did it for.

Other genetic disorders and/or diseases (Listed specifically for the Chihuahua Breed)
~not listed in order of occurrence or severity~

Legg-Calve-Perthes or LCP 
Wry Mouth                   
Laryngeal Spasms
Tracheal collapse
Docked tail, bobtail
Liver Shunts
Type 1 Diabetes
Cleft Palate
Cleft Lip/hair lip

Rare Disorders/Diseases
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency/ Congenital Methemoglobinemia
Congenital Deafness
Congenital Blindness
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca 
Cherry Eye needing the prolapsed nictitans gland removed leading to the disorder of Keratoconjunctivitis sicca 

***These disorders have been reported sporadically, and may be inherited in this breed.***
Ceroid lipofuscinosis
Hemophilia (Factor VIII deficiency)
Neuraxonal dystrophy
Spina bifida
***Both reported and photographed occurrences of missing or partial missing limbs,eyeballs and/or eye sockets found in some non-merle breeding's, therefore at this time it is a breed issue not a pattern issue***

It is very important you find a breeder aware of their bloodlines and genetic disorders/diseases


Cardiac Disorders
Mitral value Disease
Patent Ductus Arteriosus/PDA
Pulmonic stenosis
Skin Disorders
Color Dilution Alopecia
Pattern baldness
Eye Disorders
Corneal dystrophy
Progressive retinal atrophy
microphthalmia:  see pattern page
Health Concerns
**For all Chihuahuas**