Welcome to Mahkota Chihuahuas
We are a group of family members sharing in our love for the Chihuahua.
Not all dogs are owned and/or reside with one family member. As of 2010 we have 5 immediate family members working with the Chihuahuas listed 
and/or posted on our website. We are a close family both geographically, and supportively. We attend shows/club meetings, health clinics, health testing facilities, handling classes, and often veterinarian appointments. We do everything with the Chihuahuas as one unit; Showing, breeding, deciding who stays, the care, researching/studies and placement. Some of us now work solely in a few areas, due to health issues or stages of life; however we always have a group opinion and a group consensus about what our next steps are. 

Also since 2007, we have slowly added a handful of co-owners and co-breeders that have our offspring and whom are working with our pedigrees from their homes. We also co-own dogs of outside pedigrees that we are working into our program slowly; these currently remain with the co/owner or co/breeder. Sometimes working with other breeders doesn't always work like one would hope, but when it does the rewards are endless. From time to time, you will see we may post puppies that we either BRED/SIRED as co-owner/co-breeding(we share the litter in some form),  or it may be we co-own the Dam/ and or own/co-own the Sire( if our stud was used; it would be pups we have Sired, and we are assisting to place), or any or all of the combination of those. New interests or  Novice/"BEGINNERS" to the breed are always welcome; after references and screening. Also, a few of us were once Junior Handlers; "we will always" consider a "Junior Handler", and we always will and want to stay on as mentors, when and if needed.

The above is done in order to keep our Chihuahuas "companions first," show dogs and breeders second, setting it up like this, allows all of our dogs to be in our homes being loved by their family and sleeping in our beds every night. We are not a kennel. We are striving to never become be a kennel. This requires allot of trust from all sides between the people we are co-owning with, and respect with honesty. Whenever you see co-breeding or co-owners noted, be sure these breeders are of our same mind set and follow our practices at least with the ones we are involved with together.  Kennel born pups are just socially different in our opinion, and we can always tell if a puppy was born and 'raised' in a kennel, no matter how old the Chihuahua gets, or how much we bond together; there is just a difference.

Due to so many fraudulent activities on the internet, in 2008 we decided to keep initial contact to just one family member. Helen was elected as she was home full time due to health complications since 2004. This way everything was kept simple and NEW CLIENTS got to know us on a progressive level and the family was introduced to new clients after approval was granted. 

However we had no idea how many people will buy a dog or puppy off of the internet without calling and communicating with the owners/breeders. MAHKOTA CHIHUAHUAS is not a breed for profit program, health testing, researching, showing this wonderful breed, and overhead costs, along with dedication to breed for the betterment (only), never allows room for profit. Just ask the handful of Chihuahua breeders out there that health test Chihuahuas in their programs.
 Attempts at fraud was brought to full light in 2010. When outside agencies were contacting us asking if We were creating alternate email accounts linking ads/dogs for sale to our website. Sadly this happened on more than one occasion so we realized we better make a more detailed introduction to protect our future clients from people pretending to own our Chihuahuas and/or have our offspring/ or claims of health tested Chihuahuas with connections to our Chihuahuas. You name it they have tried to ride along with our credentials, proof of testing, years of work, understanding, and mentorship. Their deliberate uses of fraud to take advantage of unknowing buyers for a Chihuahua is shameful. 

Some attempts are as simple as taking one of our photographed pups/teen/adult photos that they stole from our website, selling it as if it was there own, then sending them a sick puppymill pup/teen/adult that looks nothing like what new owners thought they were buying, or from whom, they thought they were buying their Chihuahua from. We believe by associating under our program, makes it look as if they test and care about having healthy Chihuahuas, which can be verified easily with OFA, CERF, and CHIC. However, we will never know why some do what they do. 

Please know that MAHKOTA CHIHUAHUAS WILL NOT SELL YOU A PUPPY/TEEN OR ADULT WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH YOU IN PERSON AND EVALUATING YOU, YOUR HOME, YOUR VET SITUATION, AND TIME FOR THE MATCH OF THE CHIHUAHUA TO YOU AND YOUR LIFE. That's right; just because a new client may have one Chihuahua in mind doesn't necessarily mean it is the right personality for that client, we know our Chihuahuas, and it may not be the right fit for your life. We take the process of pairing Chihuahua with new owner as an important part of a successful placement, we listen to what the new owners want and are looking for in their new family member, this process may take several phone calls, emails, and reviews. It will be important for you to tell us, what you are wanting even down to traits in the Chihuahua, for example, laid back pup, or agility candidate, there is a huge difference. Also we always have a photo album of pictures of our Chihuahuas to send, not just one or two photos. If someone can't give you several photos of the Chihuahua you want, you need to ask why not?

Over the years, people have stolen our pedigrees, photos, registered names for use in alternate registries to create a look alike pedigree, sold our logos, our words AND phrases, our contracts, sold individual dogs over and over again. We have worked with attorney's whenever possible, and some of the pretenders have been caught/fined and are serving time away from home. 

Lately it is as simple as stealing a photo and putting it up on Craig's list or EBay, we NEVER sell our dogs off of Craig's list or EBAY, so if you think you are buying one of our dogs/teens/and or pups, off of those sites you are not dealing with MAHKOTA CHIHUAHUAS, if you are following an ad that has any other email account other than you are not communicating with MAHKOTA CHIHUAHUAS. If your first contact is with anyone other than Helen at 717-949-2528 or then you are not talking with
Once you speak with Helen and are approved for one of our Chihuahuas then Helen will direct you to the appropriate owner/breeder, co-breeder/co-owner. If we have Chihuahuas listed by a co-breeder we will indicate that on the appropriate area, and provide you will the correct email and contact's name. 

If you ever have a question please feel free to email or call.

We currently have NO OUTSIDE emails linking BACK INTO our website !!!!
example: My name is John Doe, my email is go to my website to see more photos of our dogs, and see our health testing history,show results, see Mahkota Chihuahuas and email me: John Doe at

We are getting emails from AD Agencies asking if: 
ex: JOHN DOE, JANE DOE, and others are authorized representatives to link to our site?
The answer is NO only Helen is authorized email to our site.

~~~allow up to 3 days for a return call or email~~~
717-949-2528 ASK FOR HELEN/ and or LEAVE MESSAGE 
(allow 3 days for return email or call,if you haven't heard from us in 3 days please recontact us.)
* If you are about to buy a dog not listed FOR SALE on our site, is for sale but haven't spoken with Helen yet, THEN YOU ARE NOT WORKING WITH MAHKOTA CHIHUAHUAS
For further details of some fraud attempts that have already taken place, please read through the following detailed information. Never hesitate to contact us with any concerns. MORE details below