Past Puppies from 2012
Divided into individual Litters
The purpose of sharing our past puppies with you, is to show direction and projection of what we are producing here at Mahkota. 
Thru the years we hope to see a rise to EXCELLENCE, and the ability to recognize A MAHKOTA CHIHUAHUA based on TYPE AND STRUCTURE and a DISTINCT HEAD PIECE.
In order to appreciate our progression it would be best to view our past puppies in the order in which they first arrived.
Sadly, due to our reluctance of change, and slowness to modernize to the computer and digital age we can only show you our litters from 2006 to current year. However, we are multi-generational Canine Enthusiasts that have worked with AKC breeds for many decades and owning our own Chihuahuas at the millennia.

We are able to show you our first merle litter born here till present time. Although Merle pattern Chihuahuas are not our only love and focus, it was the merle Chihuahua that caused us to change the breed we were focused on.
Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on 2006 first and then work your way forward to the current year.

With the exception of 2 puppies and 1 litter. which was OUR TRANSITIONAL LITTER, we are able to show you our litters since the first merles were born here.
~We hope you can see the progression we are making~
With the PAST comes a THANK YOU

Thanking our Educators, who taught us what we know TODAY
We thank our many Mentors,
what you gave us there is no way to repay.
Thank you Show & Breeder friends for without you tomorrow would seem so far away.
By: Mahkota
Welcome to past puppies, where we show 'every' puppy born and bred by us in the Chihuahua Commitment of Betterment. 
We show the super cute and show pups as well as the ones that go into our loving forever pet homes or qualify for a breeding program. We do this to show you exactly what ranges of offspring the Mahkota Chihuahuas have 'history of'. Knowing what is behind your Chihuahua when breeding and showing is often more important than what the Chihuahua you buy is.We never hide what we have bred,what a dog has produced, or pretend to be something other than what we are and what we stand for. This gives the interested show and breeder interests a true reflection of what they will be working with, not only through our pedigrees, and health testing, but also the true visual history of our work, love, and passion. We do not bred for a superior fluke, but a superior unity of offspring. If you would like to know which parents produced which pups, email or call, we will be glad to share parentage on any puppy.
Female Black Tri at 3 weeks, Face and Muzzle view.
3 weeks Profile of Female.
At 3 weeks her body, quality of coat and NO MUZZLE, has all of us, keeping our fingers crossed for a show hopeful.
Female at 9wks of age. She is Charting in to be a 4 lb adult.
9 week stack, she is an outstanding hopeful for our program.
Stacking here at 12wks. She has the most outstanding personality for show.
Male's head on view of face at 3 weeks.
3 week view of head/ dome/ ear set/ and NO MUZZLE. Finger's crossed for another show pup in the line up!
3 week view of his body markings. And of his thick nice coat coming in.
This amazing male, has a head piece just like his sire, Mitchell, who is now a finished Grand Champion Am Champion.
Stacking at 9 weeks, he is as mellow and quiet as his sire, Mitchell. He is Charting to be 4 lbs mature. And is a spitting image of his sire at this age. We are hoping he continues to follow his sire's footsteps.
Here he is at 4 months exhausted from playing with his favorite toy, a bunny slipper. Litter pan training still needs some redirection... : )
Male pup at 4wks. Resembles Sion from past SiSi and Fidel litter.
4 week cuteness.
Body markings
Big Massive Head Piece and wide vivid Blaze.
CO-BRED LITTER/Owned offsite
one female/one male
one male
2 females/2 males
Fawn Sable, and oh what a head, 1 week of age.
Head Piece 11 weeks
11 week free stacking, hands free
Oh what a look!
9 week free stacking and free baiting. Another one of our 2012 Show Hopefuls
Very  proud of this young male.
1 week head piece
14 weeks and too cute.
Very compact.
Excellent top line and tail set.
Profile 14 weeks
Shown here with his full brother on the far right,  & in the Center is a 2011 bred by Show Keeper seen at 10 months, known here as Nova, who is also the boys 2nd Aunt. Nice family tree.....
Male May 2012 Keeper... Ole' X JoJo. One of our 2012 male show pups. Staying with Mahkota and our showing associates. Currently at Mahkota. Just look at this 12 week old 14oz. can do with fall leaf clean-up.... what a little worker.
Just look at his profile!!! Out of 7 pups, 5 had this kind of a head...... just complete extreme my favorite!!! : )
Head Piece. 12weeks
10 week old free stacking. Squared off picture prefect.... hands free : )
Hanging out with Uncle Shrimpee on the Fireplace Alpaca rug....
High Hopes
Black/Tan brindled brother.
Chocolate Tri with tan brindled points also a brother
Chocolate/Mahogany tan merle brother.
CO-BRED LITTER :Jo.O`.:Ma.H:12:5
4 males
2 males
Pennsylvania:Outcross Litter
1 female/4 males
2 females/1 male
2 females/2 males
Washington State
2 males
Shown at 2wks 5dys. No Muzzle, with an adorable round head piece.She is a chocolate cream dilute.
2wks 5dys. This girl is charting very small, We are hoping she will start to chart big enough for show and breeding. We are totally in love with her head and her EXTREME SHORT MUZZLE!
5wks 5dys old. What a headpiece, however in person you see just how OUTSTANDING HER HEAD REALLY IS!!! Her face and Head just make you melt in person. We love this little girl!
Have you ever tried to catch a Hummingbird in Motion, Well trying to catch this ultra tiny is just like that..... she was in stride for a full run to me, and I just laugh that she had her eyes shut at one point! Charting in the 2-3 pound range.
Learning how to stack @7 weeks. Currently just shy of 12ozs.
The photo here shows you just why we are so excited to see this female mature. Viola's first litter is one to applaud the outcome of, and we look forward to Viola's years with us. Viola, is CHIC numbered and online for review.
Here she is in Motion just under 6 wks of age.
At 7wks this female is considered a show hopeful. Both structurally, mentally. She is outstanding in person. She is Available to an approved pet/breeding or show home.
Profile at 7wks, blue nose can be seen here.
Excellent topline
Excels already at stacking age 7 wks, as her long bone is now growing, she is getting a nice cobby body, super thick coat, ears all but standing already, and genetically a blue that carries chocolate gene.
Her sister is too die for, and incredibly tiny, we are hoping she will make it into the 3 pound range to be shown, but it isn't looking good for our side...
Mantle head cover, small dot forehead, and fading left hip spot.
Female 1 has a very nice dome and her head gets stronger everyday.
We absolutely love the way this girl is developing. Shown in the photo at 2wks and 5 days old. Charting smaller at this time.
Age 4wks. slightly blurry, tried to catch her before she saw us, and started jumping.
Here she is at 5wks and 5days of age. She just keeps getting more cute and more show quality traits.
A stunning newborn, with all the dome of a champion with promise. We could not be more excited to see how this boy matures.
Just look at this pups dome and head piece, his huge white bold forehead draws even more attention to his dome.
Seen here at 2wks and 5days old, "OH WHAT A BOY"! Charting small at 3.5 pounds as an adult.
Free stacking at 4 weeks getting ready to bark. What a character this boy is.
This boys headpiece in person is so extreme, photos do not do him justice. He is an absolute show stopper!
Perfect Black Tri markings. This boy is available for a deposit to hold.
2wks 5dys. Such a cute little boy. Charting in the 4 pound range.
4 wks and is always free stacking. He is the most confident out of litter with an outstanding  personality. Completely aware of his surroundings.And completely bonded to humans. Looking like a good show hopeful.
5 wks and 5days. This is him right before he sets up for his happy dance that he does when he sees a person.... This boy is looking like a strong show hopeful,  photos do not show how nice he is. Personality Plus.
Adorable and consider a show hopeful at 7.5 weeks of age. His head and expression continue to evolve more and more strongly. The most outgoing of the litter. Curious and very brave. Loves people.
This male is almost a twin to Female #1. He maintained a mantle head covering, with one tail spot. We have high hopes for this male.
Like his twin sister his head keeps getting stronger with each day.
Shown at 2wks 5dys of age. He continues to look nicer with each passing day. Remains a hopeful.
Just look at this boy's headpiece now at 4wks of age. Outstanding! This is a fabulous litter.
5wks and 5days and taking our breath away, he never has a bad angle. We love this male.
Female 2 is absolutely stunning in person, with an ultra short back, very strong boned female even as a newborn, we have allot of excitement about this girl.
Quite a stunning head piece for just a couple of days old in this photo.
Shown at 2wks and 5days of age. This adorable female, may end up too small for show and breeding, currently charting close to 3 lbs.
She is the smallest in the litter, but this girl runs the pack. She is small and in charge. Charting in the 2 to 3 pound range this girl must be shown!
5wks and 5days this girl is show perfect at this time. Outstanding front, cobby with flat top line and superb tail set. If she could, this girl would show already.
two females
CO-BRED LITTER :Sa.Ru.:Ma.H:12:11
3 Males 2 Females
Male #1, Fawn with Mask, and Black sabling, new born photo. This male shows allot of promise for a new born, His Irish Markings, are bold, and symmetrical, with a beautiful wide blaze and large white forehead to show off his large dome. Currently he is not available, he will be evaluated for show.
Photo at 3wks of age. Outstanding headpiece and profile.
Just look at this pup's expression at only 3 weeks, What a wonderful head for such a young pup.
"Photoshoots are so exhausting."
Male #2, is a Red/Fawn with Mask, and Black sabling, This pup is much smaller than his littermate.
Photo at 3 weeks. This ubber tiny male is absolutely stunning in person.
This little boy resembles his Dam, and also his half brother Krem, who is also out of a Russian sire, but unrelated on the Sire's side.
Just like his brother, he too finds the photo ops extremely exhausting.
2 males