How to health test/screen and know my Chihuahua
often people will ask how to get started
This page will get you started answering those questions
**some things listed here will be for those that want to go the EXTRA steps or have an interest in genetics**

remember the three most common health concerns of ALL CHIHUAHUAS are:
patellar luxation, congenital cardiac disease, and eye disorders.

You will need to do 3 screens:
Patellar Luxation Screen: OFA
Congenital Cardiac Screen: OFA

~there are other tests available but they are optional and are not required at this time to be a CHIC registered CHIHUAHUA~

***we strongly recommend micro chipping your dog prior to starting your individual screens***

What is CHIC?
In short, CHIC is a database of consolidated health screening results from multiple sources.  Co-sponsored by the OFA and the AKC Canine Health Foundation, CHIC works with parent clubs to identify health screening protocols appropriate for individual breeds.  Dogs tested in accordance with the parent club established requirements, that have their results registered and made available in the public domain are issued CHIC numbers.
 Cerf testing
make sure your Chihuahua is free of  heritable eye disease!

***also SP/SW or SOW, EW, whites, and merle allele carry the MITF gene!!! What some breeders don't say or know***

See more info on our Pattern page!

stay educated by following the research not propaganda on individual websites
Patellar Luxation Screen
***it is very important to know the patella history of your Chihuahuas this is a far too common problem even in some top show lines***
~please screen~
Congenital Cardiac
***it is very important to know the Cardiac history of your Chihuahuas this is a far too common problem even in some top show lines***
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~please screen~
Why do hearing/deafness screen?
We are not seeing high % of hearing loss in Chihuahuas, but when you have all WHITE, Spotted on White(SOW), or EW(excessive whites) aka piebald gene or SP/SW in any breed there are reports of deaf representatives in the breed... other breeds seem to be greatly affected by the white or spotting gene and a correlation of higher percentages of hearing loss in piebald, spotted, or white dogs and recessive blue eyes associated with the piebald gene.

We also have merle Chihuahuas and many merle breeders will test no matter what breed the merle is found in.

~if your Chihuahua has white hairs into the ear canal~ all medical research shows us that the dog is at great risk for hearing impairment even if it isn't showing obvious signs of hearing problems. ~ THIS IS NOT JUST A MERLE ISSUE, WHITE FACTORED CHIS SHOULD BE SCREENED~
Two step process: 
Baer test OFA Congenital Deafness 
** See more info on our PATTERN page**

**How to know if your Chihuahuas are merle or non-merle.**

DNA test to confirm Merle status. Results back in 2 wks
at Mahkota Chihuahuas we do not bred crossbreeds, and have no interest in crossbred Chihuahuas. We ONLY have interest in AKC purebred dogs.

Here's where you can DNA your canine's for purity.

~An OFA approved DNA results site for many of the genetic traits and different diseases known in the canine breeds.~
For other OFA approved DNA labs, breed specific diseases, go here

Remember to submit and get credit for testing download application here.

***is a helpful breeding tool when breeding for certain traits, to be disease free, and to obtain genetic trends***
How to find Chihuahua Disorders

  this is a medical site used by veterinarians and breeders to track inherited disorders,& management
American Kennel Club

"Here at Mahkota Chihuahua's we are in good standing 
with AKC."

Order your DNA test Kits here. Ensure the integrity of your AKC registered dogs.
Health Screening and Testing

***For All Chihuahuas and All Breeds***
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effective in Dec 08' has 
DNA tests on